I’ve never been this exhausted physically or mentally before. I just wanna sleep for days.

its now going to be 6am and to no avail my phone wont restore.

so theres that.

im phoneless.

there is no point in going back to sleep because i have no alarm now and i wont know what time is it.

and tmobile doesnt open until 10am

so fuck.

first world problems people.

so ill just be here listening to blink until its actually time to put pants on.


getting an iphone was a big mistake. 


I shoulda stood with android. what in the actual fuck!! this shit piece of phone that i paid 650$ for keeps shutting on and off for no reason and now i have to restore this piece of shit so that i AT LEAST have a phone tomorrow to be able to survive and then go into tmobile or apple so they can fix it. im beyond annoyed and mad. and its 430am FUCK MAN FUCK THIS SHIT.